Best Freedom Apk Alternatives

Best Freedom Apk Alternatives 2020 

Freedom App is one of the best alternatives when you think of getting rid of distractions at work. I know when you are doing work and suddenly an advertisement or notifications hovers. Then you become such busy in those notifications that you forget that you are actually wasting your home. At the end of the day when you can see that you have done nothing then you are really disappointed. 

Best Freedom App Alternatives
Keeping your heart in control is difficult but freedom helped you in keeping away from all deviations from work. It is no doubt the best ad blocker and it restricts all advertisements and notifications which affect your work. It really sees whether unnecessary bullish things are affecting your PC or not. But I also agree that Freedom Apk is errant.  
The one and only one condition for the Freedom app to work are to get your device rooted. But rooting your device is a tough call. First of all, rooting is difficult, and then rooting ends your device warranty. So, this will definitely baffle you or if, you have any Qualm that this can be dangerous for you. So it is better not to root your device. The thing which you don’t even know that there are many alternatives to Freedom App and for them rooting is not at all required. Isn’t that splendid? Be assured that the alternatives are as good as Freedom App. 

Alternatives For Freedom App

Freedom Apk

Some alternatives for Freedom App, Freedom App is no doubt the best alternative when we think of getting rid of irrelevant virtual disturbance. But yes, the app has some lag which makes your experience not good. So here you go. These alternatives are good to try. Let us look at those alternatives. Also, you can download your freedom apk from here.

1. Self- Control

Features: As its name signify that it helps you in having self-control. It blocks unnecessary websites like Facebook for a limited time. It blocks all the advertisements and notifications which got popped up while you are doing your work. It works the same as Freedom App. It can be considered the best alternative to Freedom App. The best thing is you don’t need to do rooting for this app.

Price: It is available free of cost. It is an open-source application. You can find this easily on Google without any cost.
Compatibility: This software is compatible with the Mac OS X series and with windows operating system. Also, it works well on the Android platform too.

2. StayFocused

Features: This app is going to solve your biggest problem of getting distracted from work because of some websites like Facebook and Twitter. This app simply blocks these websites for the time defined by you. When you have blocked them these sites are not going to work unless the time defined by you got over. So, in total it is a very good app.
Compatibility: This is also compatible with all windows and Mac. It even works well with the android platform without any rooting mechanism.

3. SelfRestraint

Features: It also blocks unnecessary websites and advertisements due to which you are lagging in your work. You should leverage this app in your work to the fullest. Sometimes you get so much agitated that you really get cogitated to turn off your system. But that is not the perfect solution to this problem. Self-restraint can be a good solution to make you more focused on work.
Compatibility: This is also compatible with all windows and Mac versions. It even works well with the android platform without any rooting mechanism. 

4. Iris

Features: This app is one of the best alternatives when you are thinking of protecting your eyes. You are having eye contact with computers for more than 9 hours. So this app takes care of that. It reduces the brightness so that your eyes will not feel the pressure. It blocks irrelevant websites so that your eyes can not be affected. It detects your blinking rate and accordingly reduces the blue light. It keeps black them in your system so that the eyes can be relaxed.
Compatibility: This app is currently designed for windows. It is working well I windows and for MAC it is still under review.

5. FocusMe

Features: It allows the system to block some websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Gmail. It also restricts you to use Microsoft word and media player while you are working. In total it is a very good app to help you in getting rid of distraction.

Compatibility: This is compatible with windows and Mac. It even works well with the android platform. Also, it is open-source so you will get it for free on Google. 
So, friends, these are the best alternatives for freedom apk and also we have given a description for each alternative how it works. You can know about all the alternatives given here. If you are bored with the current freedom apk then you can choose one of these freedom apk alternatives and download the app and have fun. Also, share if you know any best alternatives other than the above-given alternatives.


So now if you are finding some bugs in Freedom App you can use these apps. These apps are also unique in their sense. Go for these apps and share your experience with everyone. All the best!

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