Google Chrome revises “blacklist” and “whitelist”

Google Chrome revises "blacklist"  and "whitelist"

According to foreign media reports, Google is modifying the racist terminology in the Chromium source code to eliminate subtle forms of racism. In the future, Google Chrome will no longer use the words “Blacklist” and “Whitelist”, but will change to “Blocklist” and “Allow list” to avoid races. Allegations of discrimination. 

In fact, before that, the Google team planned to modify the code that may have problems. According to the foreign technology website 9To5Google, since October last year, the Google Chrome development team has added the “How to write race-neutral code” clause in the official code style guide. , Remind developers of Chrome to avoid using “blacklist”, “whitelist” and other words, and use neutral words such as “prohibited list” and “allowed list”.

Google Chrome revises "blacklist" and "whitelist"

The team pointed out that long-term use of words such as blacklists and whitelists will give users the concept of “black = bad” and “white = good” and enhance the concept of racial discrimination. On Monday, Chromium’s code had the latest submission, and the class name in the components/blacklist directory has been renamed to components/blocklist.


Google deleted “blacklist” and “whitelist” from all places visible to end-users, and used “Blocklist” and “allow list” instead. This change includes all class/method/member/variable renaming. It is understood that there is about 2000 “blacklist” in the Chrome source code. This change is not a simple “find-replace”. Changing the source code also needs to test whether there will be a bug. This requires Google programmers to pay a lot of work, Still not sure when it will be completed completely.


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For events such as changing the “blacklist”, Chinese programmers have expressed that they cannot understand:   
After the front-end development can not use black/white instead of color, you must use #000 and #fff.   
Open-source software changed blacklist to the blocklist, so how to express the corresponding red-black tree?   
Blacklist is to express the meaning of prohibition after all, and it is not enough to respect human rights, so it should be changed to yamadeList.    

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