Top 11 Best Android And iOS Games Of 2020

It seems that mobile gaming is getting bigger and better each year, and there are always plenty of new titles on the Google Play Store in the App Store whether you are casual gamers or you want something with a little more meat on its bones. Where the game is usually, everyone’s out there for everyone’s taste, and today on Android Tools we are going down our heels for the Top 11 Best Android And iOS Games Of 2020.

1. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja

At number one we have a Dragon Raja. Dragon King is a 3D MMORPG set in the fantasy world of the future, focusing on the surrounding environment, and even before you start your adventure you can identify a bunch of real places from different parts of the world and when You can download additional game statistics. 

Giving your avatar and the unique style of using it an incredible character editor gives the combat system a power that offers a more vibrant experience than other titles of this genre that you can use on the virtual stock on the left. And move your character around freely. Of the screen.

2. Boris in the Dark Survival

Boris in the Dark Survival

Next up at number 2, we have Boris in the Dark Survival. This is a Top-Down Survival horror game from Drew Studios. This time the main character will not be a turning point, but his fellow adventurer Wolf Boris was also trapped in the animation studio left in the lock. ۔ And he’s bold, and he’s not alone. The devil chases him down and tries to catch him with all his might, so it’s important to keep on searching for clues to the valuables that show the background that the hidden way. 

The car and the keys find new open spaces and at the same time try not to be too surprised. If the enemy still seizes the matter of the least chance fugitives and mind-makers, try to defeat the evil.

3. Real Car Parking (Parking Master)

Real Car Parking (Parking Master)

Moving on to number 3 we have Real Car Parking (Parking Master) behind the wheel of the Real Car Parking and see if you can complete every mission in the driving game and make this game your mission. Every car has to be parked as much as possible You cannot leave your car or any car at any level in which only real car parking is open and you can browse through all the game modes that are being said. That it’s better to start with free driving game mode. 

So you can get acquainted with the control of games to control the car. Use the steering wheel on the left side of the screen to accelerate or slow the direction and the gas and brake pedals on the left side of the screen.

4. Forgotten Anne

Forgotten Anne

Moving on to number 4 we have Forgotten Anne game this is a great adventure project called Interactive Animated Movie Beautiful Graphics that the real world gets more with turns and unexpected discoveries, and this game has made the best agent. The gamers of this category will go into a world called the Frost lands where they find lost objects and discover where the main character is named and live in order to maintain discipline in those parts. 

Has been prepared and when a coup breaks out, she is forced to begin investigating the incident. And likable characters are easily forgotten and reach the level of being a truly great game.

5. Plants vs Zombies 3

Plants vs Zombies 3

Next up on number 5, we have Plants vs Zombies 3 This is the result of a famous tower defense game from Poplar Your mission here is to defend your home against constant zombie attacks using various plants made of plants, but not you. The only defense is to defend the garden from a zombie invasion, but with the help of your plants, you always have to travel overtime to protect some of the most important places around the world as you might expect from a good sequel. 

Plants and the whole host features new zombies with different types of units and enemy plans to get through each level in this game.

6. Fatal Compass

Fatal Compass

Breaking into number six we have Fatal Compass. Fatal Compass is a third-person shooter set in a zombie-filled open world in this game, you have to fight against a managing zombie during a vast single-player campaign, much like a classic team deathmatch in this game. There are also a bunch of multiplayer game modes. 

Mode and survival mode where you fight against endless waves of zombies and your opponent, you can unlock the guns and turmoil with Daytime Knee and Arms Crate, which are in daily prizes.

7. Big Helmet Hero

Big Helmet Hero

Moving on to Number 7, we have Big Helmet Heroes, a fighting game where you will take part in exciting battles between you and other players online, basically, there are heroes of different qualities that you can fight against other heroes. 

For those who are trying to knock, you develops your weapon armor and shield your skills and upgrade your hero where there are more than a dozen different battlefields free to fight down one of the few heroes available to you. Choose to get started. If you knock down all your opponents you can see the status of your two fighters, you will need points and rewards to upgrade weapons and shields.

8. The project of Offroad 20

The project of Offroad 20

Number 8 is now Project of Offroad 20. Now, this is a three-day driving game where you take your turn behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle as you pass through the vast natural setting in the open world. Different Challenges One of the great things about playing this game is that it lets you drive in a huge rural setting where you can drive at your own pace, to keep you on your toes and try out your skills. Beautiful landscapes. 

The pressure that you can take on as many challenges as you want to get good at is what allows you to gain experience and unlock additional content.

9. Era Combat

Era Combat

Breaking No. 9, we have Era Combat. Era Combat is a terrific PVP shooter of crazy games where you row three teams to fight fast in three teams where you start playing and the Cyborg soldiers are fighting each other in a deadly confrontation. Is transported to the distant future. 

The project is that you can use the jetpack so take short-term flights on the jetpack and surprise your opponents that these levels are designed so that you can use them on a wide range not only on the ground but also in the air. Open. In turn, the possibilities for the player to shoot at enemy targets will be automatically enhanced so that they can only kill enemies while moving in direct motion.

10. Very little nightmares

Very little nightmares

Now at number 10, we have Very little nightmares. Now, this is an adventure puzzle game where you have to survive in a dangerous house. Walker immerses you in an isometric world full of puzzles of all kinds of test monsters. And the quests have taken control of a girl. Help a yellow house to survive in a rainy season and overcome a series of exciting but dangerous challenges. 

Learn about mysterious events from the past Learn the mystery and tackle difficult logic. Use logical abilities and ingenuity to make the game attractive. An environment that will pull you from your head into the game world and won’t let you go.

11. Touge Drift & Racing

Touge Drift & Racing

Starting off at number 11 we have Touge Drift & Racing this is a 3d driving game. Where your main goal is not to cross the finish line before everyone else but to get as many points as you can and the only way to earn points. Is. In the game setting, you can select one of three different driving modes by tapping a virtual steering wheel tactile button or your smartphone’s accelerometer toward your smartphone just like you would with a steering wheel’s camera. It can also change the angle between several. 

There are more than thirty different vehicles available to unlock, both inside and outside the car, but you start with just one.
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