Top 12 New Horror Games of 2020

As we look forward to 2020, there are some topics that we will not mention as soon as the withdrawal is clear, as these are highly anticipated titles, the first of which is not coming to Tokyo until two like 2021. Death could not have happened indefinitely until we really know nothing further and the vampire bleeds. While a highly anticipated game is not really a horror game, to begin with.

Top 12 New Horror Games of 2020 overall review & information.

12. Someday You’ll Return

Someday You'll Return

You will return a psychological horror game that will set you in the jungles of Moravian that you swore you will never return. The title of the game is your daughter who escaped. You’ve already disappeared In these forests I don’t know why you swore to return them, which seems to be too heavy of a concept for the game, though, with the discovery of your daughter, you might find this problem Will solve it too.


11. Unholy


There are monsters that are not unusual but you are a mother in search of her abducted child but it is small and amazing that there is a city left on a deserted planet and all humans of the world live in that city. ۔ The matter is divided – Tz– you should completely avoid the people above your case who are apparently tied to the mechanics of this game or to some extent, apparently and obviously, there is fire everywhere as it has a lot of trouble in its eyes which means that if they make a good game that feels that way and in the aesthetic, 

I am good with the people who are also from the manufacturer. They ask how much it looks like, and they said that we saw torture as if we were not going to make mistakes like torture, I don’t know that there is no dispute as to whether this will be a similar game if it looks like a different combination. t kind of stuff for me and I definitely like the shape of it, it was actually coming out in 2019 but they delayed it and still haven’t announced the city history but say It’s due in 2020.

10. Paranormal HK

Paranormal HK

HK is a Chinese horror game that really heals the atmosphere. There is no English dubbing but it is okay that you do not really need English to play this game. No need to understand what is great is of course that what happens is mainly due to the lack of a decent period of time that YouTubers in a supernatural city go to film inside a walled city in China, disappearing staff members And one decided that I would take care of myself here soon. 

Basically, the point of this game as I can is that it’s not that scary, but in many places it really makes me want to be taller, except in everything about trying to do something like this. Amazingly stressful it involves attracting one of the least stellar horror games where you’re trying to avoid being killed by something weird and when I say weird, I mean this game. It’s weird that steam is out now it’s supposed to be out on the PS4 in any way but oh we really have to move on that they said something about it at the end of the year.

9. Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

The sequel to Jungle Jungle Boys promises that this time in the jungle there will be at least a horrible game compared to the previous mutants, but it has no eyes, it looks awful, I totally. I have nightmares to doubt that this is just the kind of thing that will happen to me, but the arrangement is completely different. You are going on a helicopter that results from a helicopter crash of a paramilitary group on fighters. You are going to fight a military helicopter going to war against the fighters. 

I think it’s really cool that it provides a direct conflict-based reason for slash action due to the game being down the plane and the actual plot to find your lost son but I feel like this scenario is lacking in something else and to a great extent. We have no strong release date for the sons of the jungle, but it is expected this year so keep your eyes peeled for more information. its count in the top 13 NEW Horror Games of 2020 overall review & information.

8. Once Upon A Time In Roswell

Once Upon A Time In Roswell

In Roswell, once has a psychological scare that investigates the disappearance of a family in Roswell USA in 1947. It is strange that this game is told through the eyes of anyone There are volleyball flashbacks where horrible otherworldly / even supernatural / maybe alien things are happening every day and if this game is definitely considered correct then it is such a refreshing atmosphere that one of them at Roswell I once had eyes. Apparently at the end of 2020.

7. The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials is the four-player co-op version of Outlast Trials Outlining, which seems like a cool idea, like translating mechanics and honestly translating aesthetics into a four-player co-op game that works for me. Don’t know at all. How much will be retained from single-player games we have to guess that you can guess a bit instead of a camera in which you get night vision goggles that are probably intended to make the game a little Is considered much more. 

In the same universe as other games in the Cold War era, you must be part of an experience you and three other test subjects are guessing that there is definitely more to it than that. I am also guessing that this may be that I am more in the direction of creating some kind of eSports, I will not worry about it, of course, this year the test trials are going to come.

6. Paranoid a game

Paranoid a game

An unhealthy game about a man who has been living in isolation for many years, suddenly dealing with the outside world, the protagonist of a Patrick movie meeting his dead parents The patient became addicted to the substance due to which he was addicted and his only surviving relative was his sister, who disappeared 13 years ago, who called her and honestly decided to visit her here. 

All personal conflicts can be raised, but the game describes itself as a particularly psychedelic organ that is, in theory, very interesting. Apparently, it is the theory that this guy has been living in isolation for some kind of psychology and has to interact with the outside world again in the screenshots and trailers. That definitely puts us in it he is imagining that he is not typing the situation and I certainly like that it is handled right now.

5. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares  – The Puzzle of 2017 – The result of the Platform Horror Game, which in my opinion did such a fantastic job with atmosphere and suspense, that you just want to play it is now available on Switch 2018. The little switch I came up with was a nightmare – a direct continuation of the events, and the nightmares are probably one of the first charming aspects and I have to imagine one that enters the other is that this game Manages to fool you a lot of times thinking things are safe just because of how the game looks like it creates a lot of surprises. He uses his sensational and I can not wait for someone else to play that many dreams have no history – but it has been at times this year.

4. Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Remothered Broken Porcelain

The remodeled: broken porcelain sequel caused a lot of controversy in the game, but its art direction and atmosphere was praised a different story, but now It also exists as part of triangular broken porcelain. An innkeeper who seemingly has some secrets to say about them is to investigate that at least Rey Mothade was also a pretty colorful good stealth game to watch the development of these elements well. Broken porcelain will be good.


3. The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us part 2 is the most anticipated game in a very long time, our last part is a beloved title as we call it a really great aspect of horror on any video. The game platform is not only really deep for the moment, but it also tells a very human story and scares us to showcase our imperfect characters, and the first time I played it scared the living hell. ۔ I can’t wait too long to improve the environment. I honestly think we all want to know where the world went after the end, and when it hits in May, I give it our last. 

2. Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia Rebirth

Amnesia is another new game of amnesia, and while Nisha certainly sets a lot of standards in the current horror genre, there are a bunch of games and promotions that Amnesia has acquired and Graphically it looks amazing. Takes place in the Algerian desert You don’t know why you didn’t know where you were and oh the horror of everything that I will be born again to forget about the disease we will kill in the fall. Do t has a correct history but does not have much time and end.

1. Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3

It has been well placed in Resident Evil Three again if you have now played the original three Resident Evil game and you have played Resident Evil 2 again. So you know what they did to the resident. Evil 2 is not exactly what some things were, and in my opinion Resident Evil 3 is a bit of a game that takes place before and after Resident Evil 2, making us rethink it. 

Amazing Resin is a remake of the evil two, which is much better than most other games. This is a great game and I’m looking forward to Resident Evil Three, so my favorite of the three Resident Evil games is originality so that they can be regained in a way that is even better. I’m loving the hell out of it, defeating April 3rd.
Apparently, there is a direct link between the fabric of reality. Those who live in June will be hitting every platform that is everything you are playing today. Leave us a comment. If you liked this post please click like what you think.
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