Top 15 Google Amazing Tricks

Top 15 Google Amazing Tricks

Google is one of the most important search engines in the world. Google’s mission is to prepare the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. you will be using Google only as a search engine. But did you recognize that Google not only search results but also many amazing tricks, tips, funny things & knowledge may be found in Google very easily, which is able to make your life easier? So here we are going to study many amazing tricks of Google which you need to use pretty much. Use these Google tricks to form your life easier and use other Easter eggs as party tricks.

Tricks for google

1. If I ask you to pronounce this number 849 98765 32,(any random number) what would you do? start, singles, decades, centuries, thousands, millions, millions, etc etc. there’s no need for that, Google is there to assist you.
At first, open your Browser > head to the GOOGLE > Type any number that you simply pronounce > then type =English afterward number > Google will tell you ways to pronounce the amount you entered.
2. If you wish to download an old or new movie free, maybe you have got visited many internet sites where after clicking the link then the link has gone to plenty of spam. How are you? So let’s discover how it’ll be.
Simply head to the Google > Type MOVIE name that you simply want > And write Google Drive.
Now you watch this Movie Free any of your gadgets.
3. You all search directly on Google, but does one want to go looking within the opposite way, which means mirror image?
Then head to the GOOGLE > Type Google mirror Search >click hear the primary link > Now enjoy Mirror Google
4. If you would like to understand a couple of photos with the assistance of a photograph, Google provides you thereupon information through a special feature.
Go to the Google > move to the proper side on Images> click here > Upload any image> Now Google will show you if there’s any information this person or that image
5. happening a flight? Want to understand the flight somewhere? Want to understand the timing of the flight in an exceedingly very easy way and during a very short time from Google.
Go to the Google > Type Flight then Enter your Flight name, The flight you wish to require.
Google will provide you with all the detailed information that flight and its timing, it’s an awfully easy way which can prevent lots of your time.
6. it is a fun Google trick. If you wish to require Google underwater, you want to have sex.
Again visit the Google > Search Underwater >At first Google will float on the water then the more you search the m ore you’ll attend Google Underwater> Let’s fun.
7. If someone tells you to multiply or divide or multiply something, whether it’s a really sizable amount or a tiny low number, whatever you are doing, open the calculator of your smartphone or computer, then type, then show the result, then add again, but Google does it plenty. in an exceedingly simple way.
Simply visit the google >Go to the URL section >Type any calculation numbers >Google directly shows you the proper result.
8. persistently your phone is stolen or lost or lying somewhere within the house you do not know where it’s if we still tell you you’ll be able to easily track the situation on your phone with Google or delete all the knowledge on your phone or where was the last location If you’ll see, let’s see.
Go to the Google search bar >Type Find My Device >Click hare first link >Now you would like to log in with the Gmail ID that was given to your phone and enter the password and simply track the last location or current location of your phone
9. If you’re keen on to read articles or Google to go looking for any information but it must be the most recent. What happens most of the time? If you wish to understand, you want to follow it.
Simply, attend the Google search bar > Type any Query that the solution to which you wish > attend the toolbar > click thereon > Then choose what you would like to determine every week ago, or a month ago or a year ago.
10. This information is for those who make videos on blogging or YouTube and need to use images without copyright in their own posts.
Go to the Google >Type any Image/Images that you just want for Your Post or YouTube Video > move to the Image > Tools > Labeled for reuse with modification option > Now the pictures which will show are completely copyright-free images that you simply can easily use on your blog or YouTube channel.
11. Breathing Exercise
Wake up within the morning and do the Bridging with Google which is able to teach you the right Bridging method. along with your mind is nice with the body.
Search in Google Breathing Exercise >Google will facilitate you when to inhale and when to exhale and with Google time.
12. roll trick on Google
Google >Type “do a barrel roll” into the search bar > Google will roll as again and again as you add last. For fun, there’s absolutely no good reason to try to do this, of course.
13. Now, what would Google seem like in an exceeding tornado? It’ll be fun, so let’s take a glance.
Google search > Enter The Wizard of oz > Click the Red shoe> See the Magic > If you wish to bring it back to its previous state, click on the tornado you’re watching and Google will return to its previous state.
14. Find sunrise or sunset time at any city
To quickly identify the sunrise or sunset time of whatever city you’re in, simply search it, and therefore the almighty Google will tell you. this can be Saskatoon on the shortest day of the year. Thankfully we are now on an upswing, so this may get earlier and earlier.
15. Explore Nearby Places/restaurant
Every time I visit a brand new city, I research a large number of restaurants prior to time. But, when the time comes, usually I haven’t delineated an inspiration earlier, so when the hunger hits, I just must find an honest place nearby. after you open Google Maps on your phone, there’s a little bar on the underside that you just can hospitably see food and drink places nearby. 
Sort by lunch spots, restaurants, coffee shop, Cinema Hole, etc, and see all the reviews at the identical time. Also, you’ll be able to quickly search on google with “restaurants near me” which can bring you the nearby restaurants and therefore the distance from you.

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