Top 5 Websites To Download Youtube Videos

Hello Guys, in this article, we are going to learn how to download Youtube videos to computer. Downloading videos from Youtube has always been a question everyone has had on their mind at least once, and people used to earlier find it very difficult to videos or to save Youtube videos offline so that they can watch it anytime they want without any Hassel. 
To break this hype here is a quick little guide for the same. So here’s a list of 5 Best  Softwares to download Youtube videos on your PC or Mac. So list for top Youtube video download software goes as follows :

This site is one of the best sites to download videos from Youtube ( Its know obvious that’s why it’s on this list). But it not only allows us to download videos from Youtube but also Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Soundcloud, and many similar sites. not only the multi-site support but also allows you to choose between a number of different formats like .mp3, .mp4, .flv, etc. to download videos using all you have to do is :
  • Copy the video URL from Youtube
  • paste the video URL in search panel and click the download button.
  • Select the video format and the video is downloaded in the format you want within seconds.
  • it also comes with a Google Chrome Extention as an option that directly allows you to download videos from the video page so you can skip the above steps and download videos within a single click.

Keepvid is a fast and very good site for downloading videos from Youtube and probably one of the most popular ones along with It allows the user to download videos from a variety of different platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and others it supports up to 50 different platforms and even  allows you to download videos in your favorite format. The procedure is the same as mentioned above.

Here’s another site that answers your question, How to download Youtube videos to your computer? Clip Helps you to download Youtube videos online without downloading any software or any Extention by following these simple steps :
Copy the video URL from youtube and paste it in Clipconverter and click on start.
Below will be a variety of formats to choose from click on your desired format and head to the next step.
Depending upon your format you’ll find different settings but if not necessary don’t mess around with them and click on Start (Download Button)
Following these steps, you can online download youtube videos from

This site is unlike the other sites from above, as the name says is a site that only allows you to download youtube videos only in. Mp3 format. It does not support video download it automatically converts the video in .mp3 format as an audio file. I know we are talking about downloading videos and this allows us to download audio but many times we have to download any song which we only need in mp3 format so that we can listen to it on our phone later or something similar, that’s when this site comes in handy! The steps are the same as any other site to download video and its just a 2 click job. Simple!

5. YTD Downloader and Converter

YTD Downloader and Converter
Finally in the list here is a Software unlike the 4 options above. YTD is a software that you can actually download on your PC to Download Videos. and it is supported on Windows as well as Mac. The steps for downloading Youtube Videos from YTD are as same as I mentioned for the above sites. You can download this software from Here. The only reason behind putting it on the 5th position is that this software is paid and comes with a 30-day trial but trust me its worth a buy and we are talking about the best software no matter paid or free but this is one of the best but u can always use the above methods totally free!


So this was my quick little tutorial on How to download Youtube videos to PC or Mac. Although you now know 5 methods to do the same task so I’d suggest you go with the first option which is I’m just suggesting you from personal experience but it’s your choice after all. So, I hope you guys liked this article and comment below which is your favorite method to Download Videos from Youtube online and also share this video with your friends.
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