Top 12 Best Android Tips And Tricks

12 Best Android Tricks and tips

These days individuals are utilizing telephones, however, there are some Android features or employments of telephones that they may not all know, people must know. If you’re an Android user, read this text till last, hopefully, you’ll learn plenty of recent things which will are available in handy in your standard of living and save your precious time. The following are the top 12 best android tips and tricks.

1. Android guest mode

Android guest mode

If you do not want another person to possess access to your personal data while they’re using your phone, you’ll be able to use Guest Mode on your Android phone. To modify on, you wish to tap the User icon of your phone within the top right corner of the Settings panel. Then tap the Guest option.


2. Connect keyboard or Mouse along with your phone

Connect keyboard or Mouse along with your phone

Android supports mice and keyboards. this could be very useful if your display is broken or if you simply must A lot of text. All you would like to connect to any keyboard or mouse to your Smartphone could be a USB on-the-go cable. Easily get wise from Amazon.

3. Block on your phone demand your time

Block on your phone demand your time

Many times it happens that your phone doesn’t have any familiarity and calls some other person saying the alternative or calling somebody else just to play. But, what if you do not try this. So if you wish your phone’s outgoing calls be turned off for a moment or as long as you would like, it’s very easy to try to and you’ll disable this feature again whenever you wish.

So, at first, visit the dial pad on your phone > Type the code *#31# to dam outgoing on your phone > then press call.
To deactivate this code > Type the code on your dial pad #31# (to unlock outgoing calls) > & then press call.

4. SAR Value

SAR Value

You must realize SAR Level on your phone. only a few people comprehend it. the complete style of SAR is the Specific Absorption Rate. it’s basically used for mobile radiation. If your phone’s radiation is simply too much, it’s very harmful to you and therefore the people around your phone. it’s very harmful to your children, if there’s more pressure on your brain and their brain, then the extent is just too high.

So you need to know the SAR level of your phone.cheek it now. Go to the dial pad on your phone > Dial *#07# ( If, SAR value of your phone 1.6 then it’s ok, not harmful to you But quite that’s harmful to you )> Then the SAR level of your phone are shown.

5. To turn off unusable App notification

To turn off unusable App notification

In addition to notifications for your work apps, notifications for unique apps keep developing, often causing the phone to hold or get angry. So Unusable can close up notifications of apps by using this method.

Go to the phone settings > Click on the Notification option >From here, you’ll shut down Blue ticks, now you never get notifications that you simply don’t desire.

6. Test Mode

Test Mode

With this feature, you’ll know this performance of your phone. this implies that you just can know if your phone’s vibration, speakers, touchpad, sensors are working properly. In a word, you’ll be able to easily determine the test mode of your phone through a code.

Code ( To on test Mode ): Dial *#0*# > Simply click on the sensors, speakers, etc. that you just want to grasp about.
This code is very useful after you have purchased a second-hand mobile and wish to quickly check if all the features of the phone are OK.

7. To urge swipe notification

To urge swipe notification

This is a typical fault that happens to everyone. What happens is that several notifications come to your phone which is helpful and useless. Suppose you remove the unnecessary notifications and suddenly remove the required notifications so think, what did this dad do if I could see what the notification was.

Go to the play store > Download Notification Log App > Now you mistakenly remove the notification of all the apps from the display, they are going on to those apps. So if you open those apps, you may get the picture easily.
So there’s no reason to be afraid and there’s no have to take the stress of what you mistakenly aloof from your display.

8. How to zoom any portion of your phone

How to zoom any portion of your phone

This way you’ll easily zoom any portion of your phone through just only three tabs. Not only mobile screen but also any photo, video, any portion of text you’ll easily zoom, to do it-

Go to your mobile settings > then Additional settings > then Accessibility option > Magnification gesture > activate Magnification gesture option > now you’ll easily zoom any portion of your smartphone just a 3tabs.

9. Free call without showing your phone no

Free call without showing your phone no

To make free call SMS but hide your personal signaling. For this, you wish to go to an internet site.

Go to the Google search bar > type > click on the primary site > scroll down > call ( if you call someone without showing your phone no).

10. The screen information code

The screen information code

With this secret code, you’ll know all the data about your phone, battery information, Wi-Fi information, how is that the battery performance, how is that the network speed of your phone. .Network conditions. .etc.You can know the way your phone can pull the network.

You can also know the status of the battery, battery health, battery voltage, battery temperature, and even you recognize when your phone was the last rebooted so with this (*#*#4636#*#*) code.

11. Use live Captions

Use live Captions

It’s only available on certain Pixel phones immediately, but if you’re one in all the lucky few with access to live Captions, then it’s something you should realize. Live Captions uses machine learning to feature captions to any video or audio content, and this feature doesn’t need an internet connection to work. It’s easy to indicate on; just pull up the media you’d like subtitled, press either volume key,

then tap the Live Caption box that appears beneath the amount bar. If you can’t see it, attend Settings > Accessibility > Live Caption and make sure Live Caption in volume control is toggled on.

12. Make time your phone password

Make time your phone password

Go to the Play Store and download the app called Screen Lock Time Password. And with this app, you’ll be able to make this time the password of your phone, which implies the time is the password of your phone.

In a word, your phone’s password will change because the time on the watch changes.
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